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Aluminum Extrusion Profile


Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Aluminum Extrusion Profile-1

Application of aluminum profiles  

Aluminum profile is made of aluminum alloy material. Under most environmental conditions, aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance in air, water ( or saline ) petrochemical and many chemical systems.  

Aluminum profiles are widely used in different applications and they’re difficult to replaced,such as buildings, radiator, industry, automotive parts, furniture, solar energy, medical equipment, rail vehicle structures etc.

When producing aluminum profile frameworks, industrial aluminum profiles, there are many fastener accessories, such as Drop-in T-nut with ball spring, Self-aligning roll-in T-slot nut with spring leaf, square nut with spring, T-bolt, U-slot nut,head socket cap screw etc.  The result of the use of the thread of each type of nuts to industrial aluminum profiles is different. Let's take a look at the slider nut and T -type nut. The differences between the two nuts will be explained in use. The main difference between slider nuts and T -shaped nuts is that one belongs to the front nut series and the other belongs to the rear nut series. The slider nuts belong to the front nut. It needs to be embedded in the groove of aluminum profile during installation. It is matched with the inner hexagonal bolt to connect the attachment on the aluminum profile. It should be noted that the nuts after the front fixed framework are very troublesome to modify, so pay attention to the correctness of the frame structure at the early stage. The T -type nut is a rear nut series, which can be simply fixed in the concrete pit of aluminum profiles, and can be automatically located and locked during the assembly process. It is usually used with the flange nut. The advantage of the nut after use is that it is easy to modify in the future. Because after the frame structure is completed, the rear nut is fixed in the profile. So it is more convenient to modify.


Wuerd produce aluminum profile accessories with automated all-in-one equipment and specializing in the production of aluminum profile fasteners, Drop-in T-nut with ball spring, Self-aligning roll-in T-slot nut with spring leaf,square nut with spring,T-bolt, U-slot nut, head socket cap screw etc.The automated all-in-one equipment make us supply best quality at more competitive prices. Wuerd is the only one manufacturer of aluminum-type fasteners in Ningbo. Wuerd supply Drop-in T-nut with ball spring, Self-aligning roll-in T-slot nut with spring leaf etc to customers in Europe, USA direct or indirectly, and establish long-term stable business relationships with customers. Since 2020, there are more and more customers started to purchase from Wuerd directly to get perfet quality and more competitive prices. Do you know more about, please contact to Wuerd. Are you not satisfied with the price or quality of the current supplier? please contact Wuerd. We will give you the best support so that you have bigger advantages on market competition and win larger market.

Wuerd produce aluminum profile accessories according to custmers’ drawings and provide customed parts. Please contact to us immediately for saving your purchasing costs and get good quality about Drop-in T-nut with ball spring,Self-aligning roll-in T-slot nut with spring leaf, Sliding-in T-nut, Hammer head screws, square nut with spring, T-bolt, U-slot nut, head socket cap screw etc.

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