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Automotive Industry

Automotive industry

Auto Parts Classification-Engine System  

1. Engine pads and cylinder heads: cylinder pads; engine stent rubber pads; engine cushion repair pack; cylinder cap repair pack; valve room cover; other pipe pipe pads; exhaust pipe pads; oil bottom; bottom of the oil bottom; bottom Shell pad; The engine cylinder head; cylinder head bolt; oil diversion board; oil mouth lid; valve oil seal; engine stent gel pad; cylinder body;

2. Air distribution mechanism: air filter; mufflers hanging glorion; air filter buffer gum; intake pipe; mufflers; exhaust pipe springs; exhaust pipe bolts; muffler clamps; idle control valves; exhaust gas reinforcement valve; turbocharged voltage; turbocharged pressure; Instrument; throw door; valve holding a rod; valve rocker; valve catheter; timed guidance; timing chain; timing gear; transmissions; triangular catalysts; triangular catalysts; Drive gear; piston sales;

3. Lubricant: oil filter; oil pump; oil bottom shell; oil ruler duct; oil cooler; oil discharge plug; oil pump drive chain; oil filter element;

4. Fuel system: throwing line; air flowmeter; carburetor; carburetor flange; gasoline filter; fuel sensor; gasoline pump; fuel tank cap; Separator; filter; throttle pedal; 

Auto Parts Classification-Transmission System 

Bearing seat;

Axis; transmission oil pump; shift control pull line; transmission oil pipe; mileageome gear; mileage gauge gear;

Cage repair package; drive shaft assembly; to mid -sleeve; wheel axis; bridge bearing; wheels; main passive gears; main pressure device; rear bridge assembly;

Auto Parts Classification-Brake System  

Brake wire; brake pliers; braking disc; braking drum; braking total pump; brakes; braking hoof; braking split pump; braking help pump; braking hose; vacuum pump repair package; braking; braking; braking; braking Total pump repair package; braking split pump repair package; pressure vacuum tank; brake valve; braking leather bowl; braking adjustment arm; braking helper; ABS gear; fixed clip; vacuum -assisted pump; brake system electronics; electronics of braking system electronics; Pressure reduction valve; brake accessories;

As a manufacturing vendor about auto parts/accessories, Wuerd process different accessories with high level CNC machines for Engine System, Transmission System, Brake System. Please feel free to contact us now and tell us what we can do for you.  

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