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Gas spring end fittings

Gas spring end fittings are made in steel,stainless steel 304,316,plastic.Ball joints,ball sockets,ball socket with slit,ball studs,plastic ball sockets,clevis forks,spring pins,eyelets,eyes,brackets etc are made as your requirements.Do you want to save your purchasing costs and buy good quality gas spring end fittings?Contact to us immediately!  
  • M6,M8,M10

  • bulk package
    special package

  • carton steel

  • zinc white-blue

  • stainless steel 304,316,Aluminum


Gas spring end fittings are important parts for gas springs,gas struts which are widely used for different application.

Gas spring end fittings are made in steel,stainless steel 304,316,plastic.There are many different kind of end fittings,including ball joints,ball sockets,ball socket with slit,plastic ball sockets,ball studs,clevis forks,spring pins,eyelets,eyes,brackets etc are made as customers requirements.

Do you want to save your purchasing costs and buy good quality gas spring end fittings at competive prices in China?Contact to us immediately!   

gas spring end fittings   

Gas spring end fittings are essential accessories for connecting gas springs to their application points, ensuring the transfer of force and motion in a controlled manner. Typically fabricated from metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum, these end fittings are designed for durability and resistance to wear under dynamic loads. Depending on the specific requirements of the application, these fittings may also incorporate composite materials to reduce weight without compromising strength.

The design of gas spring end fittings varies to suit different mounting scenarios and operational needs, including threaded ends, clevis ends, or fork heads. This versatility allows them to be effectively utilized in various mechanical and structural contexts. For example, in the automotive industry, end fittings are critical for connecting gas springs on vehicle tailgates and hoods, ensuring smooth operation and safety. In aerospace, they are used on access panels and storage bins, providing necessary support and usability under stringent conditions.

Application domains for gas spring end fittings are diverse and include sectors such as automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and even furniture design. In each of these areas, the end fittings must meet specific criteria for strength, fatigue resistance, and environmental tolerance, often dictated by rigorous industry standards. Their performance and reliability are crucial for the safe and efficient operation of the systems they integrate with, reflecting the critical role these small but mighty components play in a wide array of mechanical applications.


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