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Long T slot nuts,steel,zinc plated

Long T slot nuts M8x1.25,180mm,steel,zinc plated for aluminum profiles    
*T-slot nuts in steel, Aluminum, stainless steel 304,316   
*special T-slot nuts made as customer's drawings    
  • bulk package
    special package

  • Steel

  • zinc white-blue

  • Aluminum, stainless steel 304,316


T-slot nuts in steel,Aluminum,stainless steel 304,316   

Long T slot nuts    

Long T slot nuts M8x1.25,steel,zinc plated for aluminum profiles

Material: carbon steel

Surface: zinc white-blue  

Alternative: stainless steel

*Customized T-slots nuts are made as customers’ drawings or samples.   

Why choose long T-slot nuts from Wuerd?

* Machining center to process to make sure precise dimensions.  

* Thread are good for go and no-go gauge  

* No any burrs and surface are perfect  

* Good plating with strong rust prevention ability.

Why choose T-slot nuts from Wuerd?                      

1. The latest standard maker about T-slot nuts in China    

There are two standards about T-slot nuts on China market, one is the old standard; the other is a new standard. Wuerd is the maker of the latest standards about T-slot nuts.    

High quality T-slot nuts make customers happay and business will be more stable.

2. The only one manufacturing vendor in Ningbo,China who use the latest fully-automation equipment for producing T -slot nuts.        

  The equipment is designed and developed by Wuerd company,no company have this kind equipment.

3.  The most cost –effective in China.

    higher quality(best quality in China)

    competitive prices level(save 10-20% purchasing costs)

    stable delivery time(avoid unexpected transportation cost due to delay)

    perfect service pre-sale and after-sales


   Competitive prices save purchasing cost and make customers sell easier and get more business.  

4.  Meet customed demands and OEM is available.

    Special requirements are available,such as epecial packages,design etc.

Do you want to purchase higher quality products? Do you want to save purchasing costs? Do you want to develop more new markets? Contact Wuerd now and we will support you.    


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